Advanced Facial Course



Duration: 1 Day, 9am – 3pm

Full Accredited Training

Course Content:
  • Anatomy & Physiology relating to this treatment
  • Completing client consultation to accurately identify you clients specific skin concerns
  • Contra-Indications to this treatments
  • Health, hygiene & safety legislation
  • Professional ethics & client records
  • Preparation of materials & the client
  • Skin disorders
  • 15 Minute Drainage Massage routine
  • Ability to perform the correct Facial for your client; targetting ageing, blemishes, oiliness etc
  • Additional treatments available to your clients and their home care advice


About this Course

This course gives you the advantage of being able to offer your clients a wider choice of facials and develop your skills with more advanced techniques also learning how to control and treat blemishes seen in all ages.

We will look at the process of ageing along with the various treatments available to help prevent the visible signs, as anti-ageing facials are increasingly popular and regularly requested by clients.