Aromatherapy Body Massage Course



Duration: 2 Days, 9am – 3pm

Full Accredited Training

Course Content:
  • Client consultation
  • Anatomy & Physiology related to the treatment
  • Contra-Indications to the treatment
  • Health, hygiene & safety legislation
  • Professional ethics & client records
  • Client consultation forms
  • Therapist image
  • Preparation of the materials & the client
  • The different Aromatherapy Massage routines
  • The benefits attached to each Massage routine
  • Use of Essential Oils
  • The different thing’s they offer & their quality’s
  • Theory’s, principles & methods of application & oil blending
  • Precautions to using Essential Oils
  • Possible side effects to using Oils
  • How to help specific disorders
  • After treatment advice
  • Additional treatments available to your clients
  • Promoting and marketing your business


About this Course

Our Aromatherapy Massage course will teach you to select, blend and safely use essential oils to suit your clients needs. Once the course has been completed you will be confident in how to conduct a consultation and how to provide a full aromatherapy massage. This course will appeal to Holistic Therapists and anyone interested in complimentary and natural medicines.

The benefits of Aromatherapy Massage are gaining and increasing in popularity, not only within the field of complementary and natural medicines, but also within the orthodox medical and particularly the nursing professions.

Used correctly, essential oils can provide an invaluable aid to relaxation, stress relief, beauty care and to the improvement of health and well-being.