Reflexology Course



Duration: 2 Days, 9am – 3pm

Full Accredited Training

Course Content:
  • Client consultation
  • Anatomy & Physiology related to the treatment
  • Contra-Indications to the treatment
  • Health, hygiene & safety legislation
  • Professional ethics & client records
  • Client consultation forms
  • Therapist image
  • Preparation of the materials & the client
  • A History of reflexology
  • Theory’s & principles of reflexology
  • Reflexology routine’s
  • Foot & Leg Massage
  • How to pick up problem area’s
  • Working over crystallised area’s
  • How to treat specific disorders
  • Introduction to Hand Reflexology
  • After treatment advice
  • Additional treatments available to your clients
  • Promoting and marketing your business


About this Course

Reflexology is a complementary therapy that involves a pressure technique using the thumbs and fingers on the reflex areas found in the feet and hands. Reflexology is extremely effective and is based on the principle that reflexes in the feet and hands correspond to each organ and structure in the body, and are linked to those organs by energy channels, zones or meridians. When illness occurs in the body, the corresponding energy channels become blocked, and Reflexology is applied to destroy these blockages, allowing the energy to flow freely again, so restoring the body’s natural balance and therefore good health.

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