Hot Stone Massage Course



Duration: 1 Day, 9am – 3pm

Full Accredited Training

Course Content:
  • Client consultation
  • Anatomy & physiology related to the treatment
  • Contra-Indications to the treatment
  • Health, hygiene & safety legislation
  • Professional ethics & client records
  • Client consultation forms
  • Therapist image
  • Preparation of the materials & the client
  • The importance of your own posture during Massage
  • The benefits of Massage routines
  • How to carry out Effleurage, Kneading & Friction using the Hot Stones
  • After treatment advice
  • Additional treatments available to your clients
  • Promoting and marketing your business



About this Course

Hot stone massage therapy uses water-heated basalt lava stones of varying sizes in combination with traditional massage techniques. The heated stones create a feeling of continuous heat throughout the body, the purpose being to help the client become more physically and emotionally receptive to the therapeutic benefits of the massage. Hot Stone Massage is also known to create a feeling of wellbeing and emotional balance which some massages aren`t always able to achieve.

After completing this course you will have the knowledge to give professional Hot Stone Massage Therapy.

If you are worried about having to have a hot stone heater with you and you are a mobile therapist, this is no longer an issue anymore as there are portable bag heaters now which do not use water to heat the stones and the tutor will cover this on the day of your training.

This one day accredited diploma course is for existing therapists only. Once you have completed your Hot Stone Course you may like to attend our Advanced Hot Stone Course or Reflexology Course.