Indian Head Massage Course



Duration: Full Day, 9am – 3pm

Full Accredited Training

Course Content:
  • Client consultation
  • Anatomy & Physiology related to the treatment
  • Contra-Indications to the treatment
  • Health, hygiene & safety legislation
  • Professional ethics & client records
  • Client consultation forms
  • Therapist image
  • Preparation of the materials & the client
  • The importance of your own posture during Massage
  • The benefits of Massage Routines
  • How to carry out Effleurage, Kneading & Friction
  • The importance of the lymphatic system
  • After treatment advice
  • Additional treatments available to your clients
  • Promoting and marketing your business





About this Course

This Indian Head Massage course is open to any individual who wants to practice the traditional art of Indian Head Massage and involves treatment of the head, face, shoulders and neck with the client in the seated position.

The techniques used have developed from traditional rituals which involved the application of oils such as coconut, sesame, olive, almond and mustard. These were massaged into the scalp to keep the hair and scalp in excellent condition.

Indian Head Massage has only recently become popular in the West and the area treated has now extended to include the shoulders, upper arms and neck and face. By including these areas, the treatment becomes effective for stress management and tired and aching muscles as well as for the simply stimulating the head and improving the hair growth and condition.

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